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Vaginal dryness - a well known menopausal phenomenon

One in three women suffers from post menopause vaginal dryness.

Statistically, only 3% of women do something about it, which means the remaining 97% continue to suffer.

Vaginal dryness stems from a decrease in estrogen levels that occurs during menopause, and sometimes even before.

It may start at any stage of menopause, depending on the affect of estrogen decrease on your skin.

Unlike some menopausal phenomena that may subside over time, once vaginal dryness starts, it does not vanish. Not on its own accord, that is.

One could say it is an uninvited companion for life.

Which is precisely why regular grooming of the area and moisture maintenance of this delicate skin is essential. 

The importance of moisture maintenance of delicate vaginal skin, using a specifically suited gel has been long proven.


And I can say with utmost confidence that every woman who experiences dryness should maintain a regular grooming routine. Because each of us deserves to live life to the fullest, enjoying femininity and intimacy at any age.

Because we truly believe it is our mission in life to help women achieve joy and confidence, we wish to give you a special offer coupon, which makes purchasing the gel even more appealing. 

An intimate moisturizing gel, tailored for menopause induced dryness

Contains natural algae extract I Hormone free I Compatible with natural pH I Designed for long-term use I Suitable for the vaginal area I Soothes and moisturized delicate skin