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1 in 3 women experience vaginal dryness, accompanied by a discomfort that may take the form of itching, irritation, tingling, burning, reoccurring infections or pain during sexual intercourse.


In order to guard your privacy, the product is shipped in a plain cardboard (non-transparent) shipping package, by courier to your front door for maximal privacy.

Secret Magazine

Dive deep with us, and discover how one small algae can revolutionize your complexion! 

  • 2 min read
52–year-old Meggie, who suffers from vaginal dryness, was recommended the use of coconut oil as treatment. Understandable, right? After all, coconut oil is often used as moisturizer for dry feet, hands and even hair, since its virtues as moisturizer are widely agreed up
  • 4 min read

Statistically, 66% of women over 60 years old and 33% of the general female population suffer from vaginal dryness. Though It is a common physiological phenomenon, unfortunately, it is hardly discussed, and is poorly treated.

Which is precisely why our first order of business is to remove the veil of shame and guilt/self-consciousness surrounding this subject, and simply let you know that you are not alone

  • 2 min read
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