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It's Time To Break The Silence

And Start a Real Conversation.

To talk openly about  the many aspects of our intimate lives, and especially so when it comes to our vulva. Suffering in silence rarely brings  solutions. It makes it more likely that we continue to suffer while hoping that this issue will somehow work, or to use products which may not be good for us. But when we talk about what we need, we get to the root of the problem, we understand what is going on in our body and find out the solutions that actually fit and work in order to make a real and lasting  change in our life.



Because we deserve to enjoy intimacy at every age. Algamed Therapeutics - harnessing algae for women’s health

We are a biomed company that is committed to provide innovative solutions for the most common vaginal needs with products based on Algae technology.

Our technological advancements, where there is a lack of compatible solutions that cater to women's unique physical needs. That's why we're here.

We specializein developing technologies that  address: dryness, infections, fungi, menstrual pain, pain during sexual intercourse, and, soon, endometriosis pain. Despite being widespread and causing many women to invest substantial resources in finding solutions, these problems often persist without effective solutions .


  Worldwide Patent

After 5 years of research and development, we have created A-SPS™: a patent-protected complex based on natural solutions. This unique technology is specifically designed for the sensitive environment of the vagina and is based on algae’s natural functions.

Our first product, REVIVE, is a bioactive natural gel for restoring vaginal skin. It is the only product in the world based on microalgae. The gel is adjusted to the acidity level of the vagina, supporting the body's natural defense system, which can weaken in dry conditions and make it more susceptible to infections and fungi. It contains an appropriate level of salts to restore moisture to the skin and is free of synthetic substances and hormones. The gel immediately relieves symptoms of vaginal dryness, such as discomfort, burning, itching, and pain during intercourse.

We believe that every woman deserves to live a full life, which is why REVIVE is safe for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, taking pills, or recovering from breast/ovarian cancer.

"Being a FemTech Company Means Treating Very Common Problems

that half of humanity is unaware of and the other half invests tons of money each year in an attempt to find a solution for them..."

The Science Behind

 Secret de Joie

The name Secret de joie was inspired by the realization that many women keep their dryness a secret.

We wanted to transform this secret into a happy one, something that would bring joy and celebration of femininity rather than shame and embarrassment. Our brand was founded with the goal of sharing the secret of happiness, whether it's through our revolutionary gel, our natural products, or even our branding that celebrates femininity in all its forms.

While we make sure we provide constant moisture to the skin on our face, neck, eyes, hands, and feet, we often overlook one vital organ - our vulva.

We are



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