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OB-GYN, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and therapists,
There is a new, accurate and effective solution for vaginal dryness

Be Part of theAlgae Revivolution!

REVIVE is an ideal moisturizing gel for vaginal dryness.

Suitable for women who experience vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding or menopause.

REVIVE is the flagship product of the Secret de Joie company, a FemTech company, part of a rapidly growing industry designed to promote technology tailored to the female body.

The gel helps restore the natural vaginal protective system, and is also intended for use by patients with breast or ovarian cancer.

Ignorance Is No Bliss

Many women are unaware of the phenomenon of vaginal dryness, therefore they don't necessarily link between the symptoms and their cause.

It is advisable to ask the patient directly if she is experiencing:
Vaginal itching
Pain in the vaginal area (vulva or vagina)
Pain or burning sensation during intimate intercourse
Recurrent urinary infections

REVIVE – the Only Product Specifically Suited for the Vagina

⚪️ Moisturizes, soothes and moisturizes delicate skin, helps relieve dryness induced irritation. ⚪️ Adheres to the vaginal tissue creating an environment, which prevents the penetration of various microorganisms. ⚪️ Gel adherence is effective for approximately 36 hours, during which it maintains normal moisture level. ⚪️ Matches the natural vaginal pH.

How to Use

1. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry carefully before using the gel.

2. Press the dispenser and apply the measured amount to the skin of the vulva and the vagina.

3. It should be noted that some patients may experience a burning sensation during the initial use, which shouldn’t last more than a second or two.

4. To prevent dryness and protect the delicate vaginal skin, it is recommended to apply the gel daily, for a week, preferably before bedtime.

5. After the first week, in order to support and maintain natural moisture and freshness, the gel can be used once every two days or as needed.

In case of irritation of the treated area, it is advised to stop use of the gel ᐧ Avoid contact with eyes and, in case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water ᐧ Do not use the product if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients ᐧ Use the product only for its intended purpose and in accordance with the instructions for use ᐧ Do not swallow ᐧ Keep away from children

The Science

Behind the Algae

Over five years of scientific and product research have been invested into the development of A-SPSTM, the “secret” ingredient in the Secrét de Joie REVIVE collection of moisturizing gels.

This patented, scientifically proven moisturizing and balancing compound is harvested from red microalgae. In nature, gel secreted by these tiny algae protects them from the sun and salt, and keeps them hydrated in a challenging environment.

The gel is based on a unique and patented complex: ™A-SPS combined with Xylinep®.


A-SPS™ is a polysaccharide extracted from algae, which is known for its ability to adhere to tissue, maintain moisture over time and thus alleviate the feeling of irritation.

SPS is a substance with a high percentage of sulphonation (9%), which helps to properly build the vaginal lining. SPS features include:

-High tissue coating ability.

-High water retention ability, which helps maintain vaginal moisture

- Lubrication- decreases friction, injury and infections during sexual intercourse

- Vaginal interaction with compounds of molecular weights over 500kD is limited due to natural barrier properties.

- Ability to isolate and prevent the rooting of bacteria and fungi

There are a number of algae (microalgae) that produce SPS that have been tested for the REVIVE formulation, according to their main properties: The soothing of burning sensation and reducing of vaginal irritation as a function of final sulphation percentage (the higher the sulphation rate, the more relief is attained); And the ability to coat the vaginal lining.

In order to develop an optimal product, we chose Porphyridium Cruentum algae, as the SPS that can be extracted from it best suited the formulation requirements for the vaginal area.

The composition of the gel has been clinically tested and proven to be safe for use.





Be part of the Revivolution - spread the word and improve the lives of millions of women. It is our calling to provide people with vaginas accessible solutions to treat their vaginal dryness. That’s why we are proud to offer our products to medical providers and institutions, cosmetic institutes and retailers - so that people with vaginas everywhere will have access to a solution that works. We welcome collaborative inquiries from relevant research centers, and would gladly join organizations working to improve the quality of life for people with menopause,diabetes or recovering from breast or ovarian cancer. Join Us and Become an Ambassador Making millions of lives better, one vagina at a time

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