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Secrét de Joie REVIVE is an intimate moisturizer for the vagina, soothing and smoothing the delicate vaginal skin. Secrét de Joie is ideal for the woman who wants to revive her life, be confident about her sexuality, and enjoy the pleasure of intimacy.

Secrét de Joie REVIVE wascreated for women who want to enjoy intimacy at any age and feel happy, healthy and gorgeous for the rest of their lives.

You can be gorgeous at every age. We want to let you in on a secret: The years after fifty should be the best time of your life. Chances are you’re more confident, more carefree, and more comfortable in your own skin. But for too many, maturity comes with a new challenge:  More than one third experience regular discomfort due to vaginal dryness. If you experience this, you’re not alone. And more than half of women don’t seek relief and suffer in silence. 

Maybe you’ve tried lubricants or other solutions, only to discover they don’t work or feel irritating. . That’s because they are not created for long term use, but rather for comfort during intercourse. 

In contrast,Secrét de Joie REVIVE is a moisturizer, custom made to help regenerate vaginal skin. Because your vagina is more delicate at this stage of life, it needs to be moisturised, just like the rest of your body. Secrét de Joie has been tailor made for your day to day moisturizing needs. 

 A solution tailored for your comfort We created Secrét de Joie REVIVE for women like you: women who know what makes them feel good, and understand the importance of choosing non hormonal,  fragrance free ingredients. Women who already know that the source of true gorgeousness comes from loving and accepting yourself. 

REVIVE the pleasure of intimacy 

Secrét de Joie REVIVE has no conspicuous smell or taste, making it suitable for discreet use.  To keep you safe, Secrét de Joie REVIVE is compatible with latex condoms, especially formulated to help you REVIVE the pleasure of intimacy.Secrét de Joie REVIVE helps you love yourself inside & out.