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While talking about vaginal discomfort and dryness may feel awkward or even embarrassing,

knowledge is critical if you want to find answers which are right for you. Understanding what is going on is the key to figuring out the solution to your discomfort. If you are here, you may be experiencing some level of discomfort yourself.

It is possible that sex does not feel as comfortable as it used to, or you may be experiencing itching and irritation for no apparent reason. We want you to know that you are not alone. Vaginal dryness is a physiological condition and is more common than you may think.

1 out of 3 women will experience some level of vaginal dryness as a result of hormonal changes resulting from a broad array of life events: contraceptive use, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Dryness is very common after menopause. It is also the result of breast or ovarian cancer therapy. It is also an unspoken side effect of medical conditions such as diabetes and metabolic syndromes.

Nice to meet you!

We’re Secret de Joie, by Algamed Therapeutics, an innovative Israeli Biomed - Femtech startup.Over 5 years of scientific and product research have been invested into the development of Revive, the first gel based on Algae that is tailored to the vagina. During our development journey, we discovered that there are two main reasons that prevent women from finding a solution to vaginal dryness:

1. Lack of knowlege about the cause of the problem - which prevents many women from looking for a solution,

2. Lack of information regarding the solutions that are available - as some of the products that are considered to be solution for this problem, are may in fact aggravate the discomfort.

When we discovered this, we decided to organize this information and make it available to any woman who needs it. It has all been arranged for you in the Happy Vagina guide.To get access, all you need to do is register for our newsletter.

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The Alga Revolution

If you’re experiencing itching , irritation or pain caused by vaginal dryness, don’t settle for products that may not be tailored to the vagina, asthey could cause you harm.
Instead, let us introduce you to Revive – a one-of-a-kind revolutionary product that contains a natural and unique algae gel.
The product is based on natural algae, made without hormones, it does not drip or stain, and finally provides a true, safe solution to vaginal dryness.
Revive has been proven to:

♥ Provide long-lasting moisture
♥ Relieve pain and discomfort caused by vaginal dryness
♥ Help the delicate vaginal skin heal
♥ Be tailored to the very specific needs of the delicate vaginal area

"I’m sharing my decisive opinion: this natural gel just works, and it’s amazing! Try it and see… Any woman who received a sample during the development stage immediately wanted more. Investors who were cynical and embarrassed at the beginning of my presentation practically ran me down by the end in order to get samples. Good luck, Algamed! An incredible Israeli product!!"

"I’ve tried other over-the-counter products. They may be significantly cheaper, but there is absolutely no comparison. They have an odor, they burn, and they stained my underwear. I really enjoyed this product, and I personally plan to use it regularly. It also offered a big relief for me"