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A-SPS™ Enriched Patented Complex - The Secret Ingredient

Over 5 years of scientific and product research have been invested into the development ofA-SPS™,the “secret” ingredient in Secrét de Joie REVIVE. This patented, scientifically proven moisturising and balancing compound is harvested from red microalgae.In nature, gel secreted by these tiny algae protects them from sun and the salt, and keeps them hydrated in a challenging environment.

Our scientists harnessed this unique gel and transformed it into A-SPS™, maintaining its natural goodness while adapting it to the unique condition of the vagina. This innovative product matches the vaginal PH, protecting the vaginal microbiome while bringing its moisturising and protective goodness to the delicate vaginal skin. A-SPS™works immediately to relieve dryness and irritation and restore the body’s natural moisture balance, without hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.