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Not all of the intimate products
were made the same

You probably figured out by now that your intimate area is a delicate. It has special needs and when it is used it can itche and burns. It require the right PH and low enough salt concentration. Some ingredients can cause itch and irritation and artificial preservatives can harm the nature microbus and get imbalance that allow unwanted fungi and infections.

There seem so many products that are made for the intimate parts, but not all of them were made the same.

Its important to make sure that the products you use are what we call Vagina friendly.

Why Algae is a better fit?

Our product is made with a gel that is secreted by Micro Algae.

Imagine a tiny Micro Algae that live by the sea and need to protect itself from the element: the sun, the salt of the sea, bacteria and fungi that lives not the same habitat. What this little creature does is to produce a unique gel and coat itself with it. This jell is what keep this little algae alive.

This jell keeps the algae moist. Protects it from the sun and challenging environment.

Research shows that this gel possesses what is commonly referred to as 'anti-aging' properties. It retains moisture and adheres well to the skin, thereby aiding in promoting a natural environment that helps protect against microbial and fungal infections. Additionally, it is known for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Our scientists harnessed this Gell and turned it into A-SPS™ the secret ingredient that allow Secret de Joie to bring this algae goodness to you.

What is the A-SPS Patent?

Over five years of scientific and  product research have been invested in the development of  A-SPS™, the “secret” ingredient in the Secrét de Joie REVIVE  Collection of moisturizing gels.  This patented, scientifically  proven moisturizing and  balancing compound is harvested  from red microalgae. In nature,  gel secreted by these tiny algae protects them from the sun and  salt, and keeps them hydrated in a challenging environment.


Waiting does not solve vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a physiological phenomenon. It does not go away by itself, and when not treated, tend to get worse. So the sooner you do something about it, the sooner you will feel relief and provide necessary protection from further deterioration.

Daily moisturizing reduces itch irritation and discomfort due to dryness and supports the natural healing process.

Regular moisturizing with PH balanced jell also strengthen the natural defense against infections and fungi.

Algae power without hormones, is here. waiting to Revive you.